2015-16 Regional Kitten Winner

2015-16 GC Regional Winner

2017-18 Grand Premier

RW SGC  Bershar Houston

GC GP RW Bershar Travis

CFA Cattery of Distinction

The Boys

Bershar AKA Fred

Oriental Shorthair has Siamese qualities that we love plus they come in a variety of colors and patterns.  The pattern may be solid, spotted, stripped, classic, ticked and several other combinations.

In 2002 we added the Oriental Shorthair after showing and breeding Siamese since 1990.  We have since discontinued Siamese.

Our breeding program, while only a few cats, are from European and American bloodlines.  Producing a healthy Oriental Shorthair for show/breeding is our primary focus which benefits those kittens/cats that are loving pets.

Bert & Shar Pelzl  bershar1990@gmail.com  

512 827-6573


Oriental Shorthair